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This site is built in memory of two great dogs I was lucky to have in my life:
Gema, The Leader and Chloe, The Gentle.

Although I lived with them through different stages of my life and they have never knew each other, they both contributed greatly into my growth as well as into my understanding of the world and the Life itself. They both loved unconditionally. They both did what they were supposed to do with no complaints, but with grace and dignity. They both were the greatest friends a human may wish for. They both crossed over when their time came, but I have no doubts they have a wonderful time now at the Rainbow Bridge, running and playing together.

They are forever in my heart.

To all those grieving a loss of a pet, take heart - they are not gone forever. Hope resources found on this website will help you to find strength, peace and hope.

GEMA                                                                             CHLOE

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